01. We are going to have to make some [drastic] changes in this company if we want to keep from going bankrupt.
02. Henry's life changed [drastically] when he lost all his money on the stock market.
03. This company is in deep financial trouble, so we're going to have to make some [drastic] cuts to our staff if we want to keep from going under.
04. The young boy's behavior at school changed [drastically] during the time that his parents were in the process of getting a divorce.
05. Personally, I think spanking a child, and taking away his allowance is [drastic] punishment for a simple thing like taking cookies without asking.
06. [Drastic] measures are needed to clean up our environment.
07. My father-in-law decided to make some [drastic] changes in his life after suffering a heart attack due to stress.
08. Eric Hoffer once remarked that in a time of [drastic] change, it is the learners who inherit the future.
09. [Drastic] changes need to be made to the way we do business, or else this company is going to go bankrupt.
10. Conditions at the company changed [drastically] after a report was published suggesting that it was exposing its workers to unacceptable hazards.
11. Koala populations in Australia were [drastically] diminished in 2001, due to the severe fires that destroyed great stretches of forest.
12. We can [drastically] affect our health, and live longer as a result of the food we eat.
13. South African lifestyles changed [drastically] with the ending of apartheid.
14. Former Vice-President Al Gore was so convinced humans are warming the planet that he advocated an international treaty committing America to [drastically] reduce emissions from oil, gas and coal.
15. The police had to take [drastic] measures to keep the angry crowd from rioting.
16. The simple, plain style of English church music in the early 1500s was a [drastic] change from the massive, very elaborate Catholic music of the time.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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